Capacity strengthening

Due to conflicts, natural disasters and policy failures,food security and nutrition are at risk in many parts of the Africa – even as globalization drives economic, social and technological growth. Across nation, citizens increasingly share expectations of accountability and good governance. Against this backdrop, governments have unanimously adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): these represent the broadest attempt so far to tackle multiple challenges, including persistent poverty, hunger and malnutrition.
States must be able to draft and implement policies that promote food security and nutrition objectives; The capacity to withstand shocks and stress factors which limit the availability of food or constrain access to it.
To be relevant and effective, food security and nutrition policies must be rooted in strong governance, responsive institutions and an enabling environment. A combination is often involved of disaster risk management plans, robust social protection systems and inclusive economic and social programmes.
Social Welfare Network Initiative offers locally-tailored technical assistance and capacity development to strengthen individuals & community capacities in all of these fields. We respond to capacity gaps identified through an assessment process that is led by the partner communities, facilitated by ourselves, and supported by other partners.