Food assistance: cash and in-kind

While food aid is a tried and tested model, Food assistance, by contrast, involves a more complex understanding of people’s long-term nutritional needs and of the diverse approaches required to meet them.

While we aspire to be Afica's leading humanitarian agency, we have evolved to combine frontline action with the quest for durable solutions.

This shift is about recognizing that hunger does not occur in a vacuum. It means we must concentrate time, resources and efforts on the most vulnerable in society.

It implies not just emergency interventions, but tailored, multi-year support programmes designed to lift a whole communities nutritional indicators. We balance the urgency to alleviate hunger here and now with the broader objective of ending hunger once and for all.

“Cash” for SWNI involves physical bank notes, vouchers, or electronic funds being given to beneficiaries to spend directly. This – empowering people to feed themselves – is a long-haul process

In fact, both cash and in-kind assistance are likely to co-exist for the foreseeable future.

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